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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ecuadorian Photojournal- Jennifer Meinhardt


These photos are taken from a collection by traveler and Photojournalist Jennifer Meinhardt's 2011expedition to Ecuador. She is currently in Southeast Asia with her companion Fernando Bermudez on the 2nd leg of a yearlong expedition around the World. She will be serving as a foreign correspondent to Very Underground, and will be sharing a visual journal of her photographs weekly

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Republican National Convention 2008 Photoset- Zack Wallenfang

In honor of the 2012 Tampa Republican Convention VU has dug up these hidden photo-journalistic gems captured by Minneapolis based artist and photographer Zack Wallenfang...taken during the 2008 R.N.C. convention in Minnesota. 
check out Zack's work at

Girlfriend Music- Aaron Philby

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Katrina 7th anniversary- Jert

My wife and I were evacuees of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Exactly 7 years ago tomorrow. 
These are some photos I took 5 weeks after the storm, when we returned to the city to salvage what belongings we could. I must tell you that these photos don't do justice to the destruction that surrounded us. I remember thinking to myself (albeit inaccurately) that this must be what it feels like to stand in a city that has been hit by a neutron bomb. These photos also do not convey smell that New Orleans had in those weeks after the storm, the smell of dead fish and rotting refrigerators with five weeks of decayed food inside of them.
My wife and I were very fortunate through all this, we had a supportive network of family and friends that helped us out emotionally and financially in our time of need. The red cross proved to be a vital resource to us, as was Fema. We were also blessed by the kindness of strangers over and over again........For this I am STILL extremely grateful.

With Issac bearing down on the gulf coast so close to the anniversary this year, I have to admit that the coverage is evoking some emotion out of me that I didn't expect.
I now feel anxiety from any type of storm coverage, especially hurricane tracking.
I'm filled with an unfriendly anticipation for the ignorant jokes and comments that will inevitably be uttered out of mouths of the foolish. I'm left with a distain for the lack of empathy in our current 24 hour news-cycle culture, both in terms of media coverage AND in terms of person to person. And of course I worry about my friends that are still in New Orleans. 

I hope Issac does NOT have a place in history and makes landfall with a whimper instead of a roar.
Everyone in the Gulf coast be safe and take care of yourselves and evacuate if you can  -Jert

 every single door was spray-painted by the national guard ,you can see that this house was checked on 9/10 by the new jersey national guard... i don't know what the 5 means...... 

When I lived in New orleans I managed 2 retail caricature locations, one was at six flags new orleans. SFNO was in New Orleans east, one of the most heavily damaged areas. Some parts of the park were under 9 feet of water...... to this day I believe I am the only retail caricaturist that has watched his park destroyed by the hands of god.... on carefull what you wish for
here is a video made a few years back of the abandoned theme creeped me out because I used to walk by this stuff everyday on the way to work.