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Friday, October 26, 2012

4 Hours of Faith No More Creating the Album Angeldust

four...... fucking......... hours....only for real FNM fans....useless for anyone else...this is pretty much unedited VHS home movie footage...seriously....although there is some early 90's fashion for those interested in that sort of shit....the creation of this album wasn't nearly as interesting listening to the album itself.... do not feel obligated to watch this....

I'm posting this for the 17 year old me that would have probably paid $30 for a bootleg VHS of this from the back of Vintage Vinyl.

00:00 Billy, Jim & Mike
05:41 FNM & amp; Matt Wallace
12:07 Jim & amp; Mike
14:12 FNM & amp; Matt Wallace 2
38:53 Jim On Guitar
40:35 Jim Interview
1:17:36 Mike Patton Interview
2:37:52 Billy On Bass
2:41:23 Roddy On Piano
2:46:15 Mike Bordin Interview
3:17:44 Billy & amp; Roddy Interview

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