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Friday, October 12, 2012

(nudity) One Eyed Vader and the Death of Imagination- Jert

I created this piece in 2012 for ABV Atlanta's 2nd Anniversary show: Greyscale Exhibition. The final product was a duraclear print of the line art mounted on plexiglass over a watercolor print of the image's color tones. I was really happy with the final product, although it was VERY expensive to produce and I had to set the price a bit high.
My intention for this piece was to make a comment on pop-culture invading our imagination and preventing us from creating our own ideas. That thought is represented by the hanged Hobbes, who is in his plush animal (non-imagined) form.
The Vader- Mask having one eye represents the singular driving force behind American motivations, making money from your ideas. The inverted pentagrams represent evil and the repugnant worship of brand names made by slave labor in American culture. The Naked woman's torso represents the fertilization and constant rebirth of the same ideas over and over again.
This image is available as a Archival Giclee print on watercolor paper, please email me at  mrjert(at) for details and pricing

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