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Monday, October 08, 2012

Sexy Lord Vader BBQ Party

 I made this image for a poster in 2011 for the oldman punk rock band the Meatmen's show at Fubar, (left) in St. Louis, Mo. This is one of 5 pop culture pinups I've created over the last 3 years that include Star Wars References. My basic thought process with this series of sexy pinups was to create images that I wished I could have created in my adolescence. Paintings that my 12 year old self would have thought were awesome.
In this piece I combine my love of Star Wars, Bar-B-Que, Air Jordans, Batman Steak, and sexy, curvy girls, and Punk Rock.
The BBQ pit is a Weber ( the only pit I ever use)...The sauce bottle is Mauls, a St.Louis brand of BBQ sauce that lived in everyone's kitchen. There are also cameos by my wife's boots and one of my grandmothers ovenmitts
Air Jordans pop up in alot of my work... not because I support Nike or endorse their products..but instead because of the middle school obsession I had with Jordans. I wanted to be cool so bad at that age, but my folks couldn't afford to spend 2 weeks of grocery money on basketball shoes... so to feed my obsession with being accepted by my peer group. I just just drew Jordan's over and over again on all my cartoon characters in all my notebooks.
 I've found a certain healing pleasure in adding these shoes into my compositions... it's a symbol of  controlling my own social value and being in control of my own self esteem.
This particular painting is originally 18x24 and has been featured in 5 gallery shows in St.Louis, Kansas City and Atlanta, and there are prints of it available for $10 on the Jert Etsy

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