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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Storm Trooper Vixen upon Tyrannosaurus Rex- Jert

This was the first in my series of Pop-Culture pin-ups with Star Wars references. I created it as a gig poster for St.Louis Post-Punk legends Ultraman for their re-union show in 2010. The great part about these posters was I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted image-wise. I sat and thought about what would be the ultimate combination of images and pop-culture non sequitur.
After some sketching and thinking I came up with a curvy girl with a big naked butt and a 1977 stormtrooper helmet. She had to be dangerous, hence the hand grenade, handgun and sword. The Air Jordan's (a must) she is wearing are the Jordan 5's that all the cool kids had when I was in the 7th grade.
She needed transportation, and whats a better mode of transport than riding on a vicious horse sized dinosaur? This piece also features a cameo by my wife's gardening gloves, the St. Louis city flag and Cardinals baseball socks. She had to wear a bra because she needs support when riding on a galloping tyrannosaurus rex.
She is pointing to the east because she is preparing to invade the flat expanses of rural Illinois, just across the Mississippi river.
I remember I finished this one while I was back home on vacation. I painted it in my buddy Aaron's kitchen and I used my friend, Josh's Mac to scan, edit and send the file to the client. Thanks Josh and Aaron! I've really got some great friends. The original painting is 18x24 acyrlic paint and ink on watercolor paper. It is now in the collection of Atlanta T-shirt maker and woodblock cutter Chris "Noosh" Neuenschwander. A print of this piece is available on the Jert etsy

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