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Sunday, September 02, 2012

2012 Dragon-Con Parade, Downtown Atlanta- Jert

Dragoncon Photos- Jert

 These are some of my favorite photographs from the last 6 years at Atlanta's yearly sci-fi geek mega-festival, Dragon-con.
The convention is enormous, encompassing 4 downtown ATL hotels over  Labor day weekend. I usually catch a day or two of DC every year. One year I even set up a caricature booth with a friend of mine in hopes of great riches (unfortunately for us a $20 drawing couldn't compete with a $30 signature from a Stargate SG-1 extra). Before I went to Dragon-con I considered myself a nerd. I now know that I am not a nerd. I'm a fat guy that loves Cartoons and Star Wars. THESE people, the people of dragon-con, these are the true nerds. These are the people that have earned that title. These are the people that spend all of their spare time and money making costumes out of PVC and hot glue. These are the people that max out credit cards and save up all year for one wild weekend of cosplay, hero worship and unabashed exhibitionism. I salute you Dragon-conners, stay weird and party hard. Also please look both ways when crossing the street in Downtown.