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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Urban Struggle (1981) Rare Punk Documentary

This is a Rare Black and White documentary directed by Paul Young with  Killer vintage show footage from the Cuckoo's Nest in Costa Mesa California from 1981. This is the first time I've seen it in one solid piece on the internet

performances by Black Flag, Circle Jerks, T.S.O.L.,

interviews with Cuckoo's Nest owner Jerry Roach, various weirdos, members of Fear, Tsol, Black Flag, and the Adolescents

-Rob Ruz

Walkin' on sunshine

-thanks to Rob Ruz for sharin' this lil gem with VU

Nashville Pussy- 1998

This show was incredible, you can actually see the 21 year old version of me (jert) in the video. I'm the big kid with big sideburns spazzin' out in the front of the stage. I saw Nashville Pussy 4 times in 97-99... they killed every single time, and I got to make out with the guitar player on stage (the girl one). She'd grab my head by the back of my hair, and make my face play a lick on her guitar, and then she'd shove her tounge down my throat and shove my face in her boobs and crotch...It was a stage that I was totally alright with. Really really happy this made it onto the internet. This is truly Nashville Pussy in their ultimate prime. Even if your not into the music watch until at least minute 8... when the giant bass player woman nearly sets the club on fire.