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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

(nudity) StormTrooper Vixen #2- Jert

I created this piece in the late spring of 2012. I drew it live at the Hey! cafe in New Orleans for the Line Up event during Jazzfest. It was the day after MCA from the Beastie Boys died (hence the RIP inscription on the Hellboy arm). I took it home to my studio in Georgia and added some paint to the background to make it pop. I still have it in my possession and plan on using it for an upcoming show in 2013.
Archival Giclee prints are available, email mrjert(at) for details

Bobba Fettish- Jert

 I completed this piece for my Socially Awkward show in January of 2012 at the Mad art gallery, it also appeared in my Death and Girls show at the Cube in Atlanta in June 2012. In the meantime it was a poster image for Corrosion of Conformity, Torche, Black Cobra, Gaza show at the Firebird in  St. Louis, Mo. The owner of the Firebird contacted me about doing this poster after I had created a poster for their Melvins show the month prior. When I created the painting originally I intended to use it for a gig poster... It just took 6 months for me to find the right bands and the right clients for this image.
Like most nerds, Bobba Fett was one of my favorite secondary characters from the original trilogy, I drew him in crayon many, many times as a child. I loved imagining what the little periscope on his helmet was actually for. Now before everyone points out that the helmet is green and not gray, I want you folks to know that I made that choice on purpose. Bobba Fett Green didn't fit the composition, so I chose grey. I made the pop-culture reference fit my needs instead of the other way around. That is important to me. I want to control my own work and my own imagination. The use of pop-culture is how I connect with my audience, but I don't want the confines of being "on-model" to inhibit my work and it's effectiveness.
In this piece you will also see another symbol of my youth, the looney tunes character Gossamer. I watched Looney Tunes every day.  The work of Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, and Bob Clampett have been a very strong influence on my own work. I loved the wildness of the ideas and the creativity of the backgrounds and character designs that the golden age animators brought to life.
Gossamer is wearing Black Air Jordan 5's... my favorite shoe design of all time. There are three references to my hometown. The female cardinal, the Blues logo, and the mascot of St.Louis Album rock station K-She 95, Sweet Meat. There is a cameo by my dead fathers Ruger handgun. There is also a Hellboy hand, a common reference in my pop-culture pieces. The original painting is 18x24 and is still in my possession. There are limited quantities of the gig poster available at the Jert store

Vintage Star Wars Video game commercials

Star Wars Western- Andy Urzua

True Housewives of Mos Eisley- Lar DeSouza

Big thanks to Lar DeSouza for submitting this comic to Very underground's Star Wars week. He is super famous all over the internet, but if you aren't familiar with his work go to