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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happens every time...

I originally created this comic for the tragedy in Aurora Colorado, but it's true of every shooting tragedy in the United States. Within even the early hours of media coverage the issue of gun control vs 2nd amendment rights starts getting batted around before the bodies even turn cold. I believe the human thing to do to express sorrow, report facts and give the victims and their families at least 24 hours of respect before debating the politics of the issue.
Our instant culture doesn't allow time for processing tragedy. That means that we have to take the time and do it for ourselves. Remember that what you are seeing on the screen is happening to actual real life people. It's Okay to be sad, it's Okay to be angry, but when you argue politics in the early hours of a shooting tragedy, either from the left OR the right, you look like an asshole. Be it on Television, Twitter or facebook. Keep that in mind for the next one.

- Jert

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