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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dropout Boogie- Bottoms Up Mixtape


                     Martinis - Hung Over
                     Steel City Band - Shakin' It Down
    •  Black Stash - Mighty Love Man pt 2
    •  Eight Miles High - 8 Miles High
    •  The Devils - The X-Sorcist
    •  Billy Best & the Ditalians - Baby That Takes The Cake
    •  Renaldo Domino - Don't Go Away
    •  Marvin Gaye - The End of Our Road
    •  King Solomon - Separation
    •  Rosco Robinson - That's Enough
    •  Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto - In the Basement
    •  Samson & Delilah - Will You Be Ready
    •  Don Gardner - My Baby Likes To Boogaloo
    •  Viola Wills - Sweetback
    •  Stone Creations - Hands On A Golden Key
    • The Gaturs - COLD BEER

Chris and Rob get on TV

This little gem from 2004 was a proud moment in all of or lives... representatives from our little group of weirdos and fuck ups from High Ridge Missouri finally made an appearance on mainstream "reality" television. This is VU contributor Rob Ruz (left) and VU music contributor Chris Labeau (Dropout Boogie) on the short-lived VH1 hidden cam show "Motormouth". They were both in on it (of course) and hammed it up quite a bit, I've also been told that they may have been "under the influence". As with anything on television the good stuff didn't make it in, but Rob does punch Chris in the face at one point.
Big thanks to the dude that edited this together and through it up on the Net


Thursday, January 24, 2013

VIDZ- Bonobo- Cirrus

The Korean Men’s Restroom

by Aaron Philby
Old women reside in the Korean men’s restroom as cleaning ladies. Little girls enter the Korean men’s restroom chaperoned by their fathers. Teenage girls waltz into the men’s restroom, presumably by accident and then pop back out erupting into laughter with their school friends. The only reasonable conclusion is that Korean women have some deep seeded need to be in the men’s restroom. What is it about the Korean men’s restroom? What’s going on in there, exactly?

Let me see…Well, Korean men go together in large groups. They lean up against their buddies at the urinal and play games on their phone; they smoke cigarettes in the stalls; they spit anywhere there’s spit to be spat; (The odd place is on the top of the urinal. I think they try to center it on the logo.) and they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror pinching their sideburns or fluffing their pompador. What could be so compelling about this whole scene? Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to mention… They go pee, and when they go pee, if you glance ever so casually at the fleshy area near their belt, you can see their penis. This is why Korean women are drawn to the men’s restroom, and this is why the men accommodate. There’s only one age group of women who don’t go into the men’s restroom, and that women between the ages of 25 and 35—married women­—women who see all the penises they can handle, be it their husband’s or their son’s or what have you. I think I have an airtight case. Those pretty, little, shifty, little eyes got penile curiosities. Mind you, I don’t think it’s necessarily sexual. Furthermore, Koreans don’t really separate out the sexual element like we Americans do. It’s just a life thing. It’s a compelling little piece of flesh we got, fellas. And I suppose if I didn’t have one, I’d probably be pretty curious too.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Jert Poster- Drink and Doodle #23 ABV Atlanta

Illustration by Jert, Layout and text by the ABV team
If you're in the Southeast make the trip to Atlanta on Jan. 30th and party with us
here is a link the THE EVENT PAGE

Magic Spaghetti

via Dangerous Minds and Right-Wing Watch

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Jert - Live Art Drink and Doodle at ABV

 the bottom photo is from @JayTheExecutive 's twitter feed, it's the only photo I could find of myself on the internet drawing at the event

Drink And Doodle is a monthly event at Atlanta's ABV Gallery in the 4th Ward Neighborhood, these photos are from the December 22nd event. I'll be drawing at the January event as well, so if you're in Atlanta, stay tuned for info and check it out. 12 Artists draw live for about 4 hours and what they produce goes up for sale at the end of the night. It gets packed and there is music and stuff...We have fun

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


written by Christian Beranek and Chris Meesey

Golden Oldies from the Vid Vault- Dictator Rap Battle

5 years in internet time is like the difference between Bing crosby and Led Zeppelin... Shit gets old fast here on the ole' net. Doesn't mean that those vids you use to enjoy are any less funny. No. Now they're Claaaaaaaaasics, so every once in a while we'll dig up some old faves and post 'em here on VU. So if you want to issue us a "Late Pass" or give us a comment about how you liked this vid 5 years ago, stuff it in your pocket and give to your friend that just posted chocolate rain on facebook. We here at Very Underground celebrate the classics...especially classics with under a million views