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Thursday, January 24, 2013

VIDZ- Bonobo- Cirrus

The Korean Men’s Restroom

by Aaron Philby
Old women reside in the Korean men’s restroom as cleaning ladies. Little girls enter the Korean men’s restroom chaperoned by their fathers. Teenage girls waltz into the men’s restroom, presumably by accident and then pop back out erupting into laughter with their school friends. The only reasonable conclusion is that Korean women have some deep seeded need to be in the men’s restroom. What is it about the Korean men’s restroom? What’s going on in there, exactly?

Let me see…Well, Korean men go together in large groups. They lean up against their buddies at the urinal and play games on their phone; they smoke cigarettes in the stalls; they spit anywhere there’s spit to be spat; (The odd place is on the top of the urinal. I think they try to center it on the logo.) and they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror pinching their sideburns or fluffing their pompador. What could be so compelling about this whole scene? Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to mention… They go pee, and when they go pee, if you glance ever so casually at the fleshy area near their belt, you can see their penis. This is why Korean women are drawn to the men’s restroom, and this is why the men accommodate. There’s only one age group of women who don’t go into the men’s restroom, and that women between the ages of 25 and 35—married women­—women who see all the penises they can handle, be it their husband’s or their son’s or what have you. I think I have an airtight case. Those pretty, little, shifty, little eyes got penile curiosities. Mind you, I don’t think it’s necessarily sexual. Furthermore, Koreans don’t really separate out the sexual element like we Americans do. It’s just a life thing. It’s a compelling little piece of flesh we got, fellas. And I suppose if I didn’t have one, I’d probably be pretty curious too.