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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dropout Boogie- Bottoms Up Mixtape


                     Martinis - Hung Over
                     Steel City Band - Shakin' It Down
    •  Black Stash - Mighty Love Man pt 2
    •  Eight Miles High - 8 Miles High
    •  The Devils - The X-Sorcist
    •  Billy Best & the Ditalians - Baby That Takes The Cake
    •  Renaldo Domino - Don't Go Away
    •  Marvin Gaye - The End of Our Road
    •  King Solomon - Separation
    •  Rosco Robinson - That's Enough
    •  Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto - In the Basement
    •  Samson & Delilah - Will You Be Ready
    •  Don Gardner - My Baby Likes To Boogaloo
    •  Viola Wills - Sweetback
    •  Stone Creations - Hands On A Golden Key
    • The Gaturs - COLD BEER

Chris and Rob get on TV

This little gem from 2004 was a proud moment in all of or lives... representatives from our little group of weirdos and fuck ups from High Ridge Missouri finally made an appearance on mainstream "reality" television. This is VU contributor Rob Ruz (left) and VU music contributor Chris Labeau (Dropout Boogie) on the short-lived VH1 hidden cam show "Motormouth". They were both in on it (of course) and hammed it up quite a bit, I've also been told that they may have been "under the influence". As with anything on television the good stuff didn't make it in, but Rob does punch Chris in the face at one point.
Big thanks to the dude that edited this together and through it up on the Net